Monday, March 1, 2010

How many projects is to many?

My question for you: How many projects are you working on right now? How many of those have you stopped working on and they aren't finished???? I have to put binding on a quilt....I started a new quilt for a project......I need to sew on buttons on a coat.....I started a hat...and I still haven't finished Hadlee's baby scrapbook. So that total would be 5!!! I have 5 projects that I am either working on, or haven't finished. So how many projects are you doing right now?


  1. Here's my confession:
    - one baby quilt top that is 90% ready to be sent to Angela
    - my Project Plume quilt
    - just started working on a quilt to go in our room- using all of the Denyse Schmidt Hope Valley fabric I scored for Christmas
    - I need to bind a Christmas quilt that I got back from Angela
    aaaaand the Plume kit I won at Angela's guild meeting is staring at me from across the room waiting to be cut to pieces

  2. Good...I am not the only one. Just was looking at everything today going what was I thinking. Oh will get finished I hope soon!

  3. More than 20... less than 35... or so...

    No guilt!

    Just ADD.


  4. Let's see-

    Fabric bought for cloe's quilt (not even begun)
    baby quilt to bind for friend
    Halfway pieced quilt for Drake
    Halfway quilted quilt for my mom (yes, I stopped in the middle of it)
    Preschool Charity quilt- need to quilt
    The millions of charity quilts that I want to make
    2 personal quilt tops to quilt
    Plus my "business" quilts
    I would have a lot more but I gave a bunch of UFOs away at a quilt guild meeting. I definitely have quilting ADD :)

  5. I have LOTS of projects in the works--no way I'm going to count them, though! : )

    I love this fabric line--who's the manufacturer?
    LOVE the quilt. Love the quilting. It's beautiful!