Thursday, March 11, 2010

I haven't been sewing that much lately. Between taking the kids to the doctor's, not felling that great over the weekend, and tiling the kitchen, oh yeah and did I mention that I had not done laundry in two or three days. That is a nightmare trying to catch up with a family of six if I don't do laundry. Enough about the boring stuff. I finished Hadlee's hat yesterday and am so excited about it. The Flower comes off and can be a little hair bow or something. Although it might be to big for i am thinking of making smaller ones for pig tails (will post later). I was going to take great pics of Hadlee with her new hat....but the weather is terrible and she has two huge bumps on her head...oh yeah and the green marker she ate last night doesn't help :) So on to the next project.

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