Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Amy Butler's Flight Bag

WOW!!! This purse was one of the hardest things I have sewn lately (besides quilts, which is a whole other blog). I am not one who likes to pin, I hate reading directions, and not really a big fan of bias tape. Well, there was a lot of pinning, a lot of reading, and A LOT of bias tape. This bag is from Amy Bulter's new book Style Stitches. It has over 26 bags in the book. Easy to hard. Kathy from The Quilt Shoppe wanted me to make a sample from the book. She picked one of the cutest, and one of the hardest bags. I was up to a challenge!! This bag is, or was my baby. I followed directions, I pinned, and even did lots of bias tape. So looking forward to making another bag! Just maybe not that one :)

As for the winner of the tutu...........drum roll please........Nikki is our fab winner!!! WHOOT WHOOT!


  1. Yes! Thanks a bunch, Whitney! I have a niece that will be twirling non-stop with one of those awesome tutu's...

    Will ask her mom what size, but I am guessing 3T... I'll let you know on Facebook soon.

    Thanks again! Very excited.

  2. Whitney, I want to make my first bag, and since you are the expert, I thought I'd ask for a pattern recommendation. Can you think of one that would be good for a beginner?