Thursday, January 6, 2011

My daughter, the one who is crying in the top picture, is OBSESSED with stuffed animals! If I would let her, the bed she sleeps in would have at least 15 stuffed animals in bed with her. Well, I decided to make her a stuffed animal. The first, the pink polka dot bunny, was a pattern I got from a book. The blue bunny was just an after thought of scraps that I had. So when I wanted to finish the big bunny and put on a face, or even take pictures, Hadlee has decided that those are hers and no one can have or touch them. i.e. the picture at the top. Loved making these bunnies!!!


  1. Why are you trying to take that poor little girl's bunnies?!
    My older son is weirdly possessive of his quilt. It's nice that they like the things we make for them though I guess :).

  2. Cute bunny! One of my grand daughters is a stuffed animal freak!!...Now that she's four and a half she's suddenly VERY interested in dinosaurs! Ugh, I hope she doesn't start sleeping with them too!! About your comment on my blog about the Izzy and Ivy patterns....haven't tried them yet, but will have to look for them...thanks for the hint! See you Thursday hopefully!