Sunday, July 11, 2010

Rule for a baby is you don't put things in their cribs (blankets, stuffed animals, etc). How did we all survive growing up? Well, needless to say Hadlee has always wanted things in her crib. It started with a little baby doll, and has turned into how many things can we get in her crib and she can still sleep. For Christmas I made her a quilt. My first! She loves it. so much so that I have to sneak it out of her room to wash. A couple of times she saw me put in the washer and started crying. She was very upset that I was taking her blanket. I have had this extra material that I was going to use for a jacket or skirt laying around in my stash. Lately Hadlee has been taking it out and putting this SOFT and I mean SOFT material on the ground and pretending to sleep on it. I decided I needed to make a blanket for her. It turned out so cute and so SOFT!!!! I wish that I had a way for you all to feel this blanket is UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

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  1. You've got the cutest little model ever in these photos!!! Love your work. If you're interested, I have a book launch invitation for you, for Amy Barickman's latest book, Vintage Notions. She's a fellow Modern Quilt Guild member... and the launch is at the Public Library next week if you're game. more info? Let me know. Keep on bloggin!