Thursday, May 27, 2010

Why oh why?

Why oh why? Why can't grown-ups have naps? Why do I have to pay bills? Why do i always have to cook a good meal? (I want ice cream for dinner) Why do my kids argue over which Wii game to play? Why does my three year old fight taking a nap everyday? Why does Hadlee feel the need to eat the computer mouse (this would be the third one)? Why are my kids still arguing about what game to play....yes I am serious!!! I am typing this while they are both yelling at me about the other one not being fair? Why are they still arguing? Why am i typing about this? Why oh Why? I need a serious break!

Oh yeah......i am sewing! Working on a jacket, blanket, and tons of other things that I should finish!


  1. I'm eating Owen's strawberry birthday cake while listening to him cry out my name... he's supposed to be going to bed.

    Feeling like a bad mommy...

    but having another bite...

    I hear you too.